FOLIE DU LIN is a French sustainable brand where each piece is made of 100% linen with unique handcrafted embroidery.

FOLIE DU LIN  your feminine way to wear nature




Bohemian and Feminine our creations breathe this art of living through every item to take us away from the daily routine that prevents us from being ourselves.



Natural and Organic our limited collections are made of 100% eco-friendly premium quality linen. Each piece has a simple and natural cut, inspired by nature.
Stay closer to nature, be closer to You.



Sustainable and Slowfashion each of our pieces, handcrafted in a little family atelier in Ukraine, is made in a limited edition. Human-scale production only.



Ethnic and Eternal inspired by folk art, Ukrainian culture mixed with Greco-Roman silhouettes and Renaissance attitude, we create a connection between the past that has made us and the future that we will make.