Folie du lin is a Premium French bio linen embroidery women’s wear brand


 Bohemian and Feminine our creations breathe this art of living through every item to take us away from the daily routine that prevents us from being ourselves.


Natural and Organic our limited collections are made of 100% eco-friendly premium quality linen. Each piece has a simple and natural cut, inspired by nature.
Stay closer to nature, be closer to You.



Sustainable and Slowfashion each of our pieces, handcrafted in a little family atelier in Ukraine, is made in a limited edition. Human-scale production only.



Ethnic and Eternal inspired by folk art, Ukrainian culture mixed with Greco-Roman silhouettes and Renaissance attitude, we create a connection between the past that has made us and the future that we will make.



FOLIE DU LIN is a French sustainable brand where each piece is made of 100% linen with unique handcrafted embroidery.



 FOLIE DU LIN your feminine way to wear nature


" I feel so loved and special when I wear the clothes made by Folie du Lin "


I like the creations! It smells like flowers which I wish it will never go away. It is romantic, elegant, feminine, and comfortable at the same time! It can be worn on any occasion. Linen is a noble, resistant, timeless material, the picture does not do any justice.

A taste for slowness, a job well done! 

When I wear this dress, guys behave like gentlemen toward me; girls stare at me, ask me where is it from?  This dress is unique, cause it’s only one, it’s s an art!
There's a huge difference between hand-embroidered and machine-made pieces. It's full of femininity, elegance, and comfort.

Thank you for everything, 🤍

Ruo Wei

" 'Folie du Lin' is the first place on earth where I find the natural clothes I was looking for.

Royal Fineness, Quality and Beauty! "

A perfect piece of natural clothing. The softness, Beauty of Nature of this linen, so organic, pure, but also lovely fine to wear, made with perfection. It is the first place on earth where I find the natural clothes I was looking for, it's healthy without synthetic/chemical things - finally! This clothing really suits to my needs and even (FAR) more than that. Thank you Alina, thank you Foliedulin!

Natural Lover

" C'est une œuvre d'Art! "

Magnifique blouse dans une très belle qualité de lin! Une pièce à la fois traditionnelle et "à la mode", une pièce surtout vraiment unique et singulière. C'est ma deuxième commande chez Folie du Lin. L'equipe est à l'écoute, de bon conseil, très agréable. Le paquet témoigne de son attention. Un joli carton, une enveloppe, une carte de visite délicates, des pétales, un message adorable, un très joli cadeau qui me fait découvrir un autre travail artisanal : tout le soin porté au paquet témoigne du soin porté au travail, à la beauté, et de son souci de faire plaisir. Je vous remercie de tout cœur pour m'avoir donné ce bonheur de porter un des blouses que vous avez créées💐♥️. Je recommande votre entreprise chaleureusement. Tout mon soutien.








Wheat and Chair


Please sit down. Take your Chair. Let us show you...

The feminine way to wear Linen. 


Our limited editions happen 2 times a year.

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