founder, creative director


I’m Alina, your creator, designer and photographer. That is how society sees me.

My brand is my inner self Child of Nature, wild wind, and whispering birds.

Staying in touch with the Earth, I’m permanently looking for harmony between a human and his creation. 


Because we are the nature.

Here the story of my Brand begins. On the limit of chic and nature linen was my choice. Created by man, the first textile ever, the most natural and ecological on Earth.

Centuries after centuries people have been decorating it with embroidery using more and more sophisticated techniques. 



Here we make the connection between the past that has made us and the future we will make.

My family atelier is situated in the woods, near Paris, where silence constantly reminds me of a fine harmony between the city hustle and bustle and the wild nature.

 Being a mother and a wife, I try to maintain my inner woman.


My brand is not about fashion.

It's about harmony.

Between nature and chic.

Between the past and the future.

Between a mother and a woman. Between silence and society. 

My brand is about your inner self!