Our linen, from A to Z, is made in Europe, originally from Lithuania. Seed selection, sowing, cultivation, harvesting, drying, weaving, and so on. EVERYTHING comes from the same local company. We work together with the utmost confidence. This is the most ecological solution possible, reducing our CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Folie du Lin - an oasis for your body.


Over 80 years leader in this field, eco-responsible, our linen has an "Oeko-Tex 100" certificate guaranteeing the best ethical, ecological and responsible qualities dear to our brand. NO toxic products for the body or the environment.


But that's still not enough for the DNA of our brand. We choose the highest quality linen, the PREMIUM one.


   "When I put on 'Folie du lin', I feel like I'm naked. Sometimes I look in the mirror to make sure I'm really dressed" Valerissa, our loyal customer, just made her 11th purchase.





We are introducing a new generation of linen to you,

it is the one that doesn't crease, the linen that doesn't need to be ironed. No chemical softeners! The magic? 

The most sophisticated method - stone-washed linen. This softens the fibres and makes them feel as soft as cotton, while retaining all the nobility of linen.


Linen fibres are very easy to dye with natural dyes. As a result, the fabric may be slightly different in shades from one part to another. But that's the charm of authenticity, isn't it?



We use three types of fabric weights for our creations.


- Grammage -180g/m2 - for dresses and parts with embroidered elements. This way linen has a noble and rigid appearance. No chemical softener which makes the fabric softer and less creased.


- Grammage -150g/m2 - for shirts, all tops and fine elements. Light appearance, still a little stiff and sometimes transparent. No chemical softener.


- Grammage - 110g/m2 – this linen is super fine for the most exquisite designs. It is soft and fluid (thanks to its fineness and no softeners) ,wispy and transparent.


Still no chemical softener to make the fabric softer and less creased.




Linen was the first fabric used by man over 36,000 years ago. It has been used in all fields.

Known for its virtues and qualities in the entire world, linen is a durable fabric that wears very little and has a list of qualities which benefit our well-being as well as our beloved planet.



What's good for us :


- Thermal regulator. Contrary to popular belief, linen can be worn all year round. In hot weather, it reduces body heat by 4 to 5 degrees.

In cold weather, linen keeps our body heat in. A good insulator, isn’t it?


- Antibacterial quality. Linen fibres contain silicon dioxide, known for its antibacterial properties.


- Anti-allergenic. There have been cases of allergic reactions to natural fibres such as cotton, silk and wool. But never with linen fibres. What's more, linen has very strong fibres, so it doesn't need any chemical treatment that could cause allergic reactions.


- Always chic and noble. Any colour, any way, dress in linen and you'll always look good. For those who say that linen crumples quickly, I would say that this adds extra chic, because this less-than-perfect appearance gives it a unique charm.


- Not electrostatic. Guarantees that your hairstyle stays impeccable, plus it repels dust and dirt, so washing is minimal.


- Better over time. Because white linen becomes even whiter, unlike cotton which yellows over the years.


What is good for our planet:


- No pesticides or solvents are needed for linen.


- Linen is a highly durable fabric. Once transformed into yarn, it is the most resistant natural fibre in the world. Your linen pieces can withstand wash after wash, season after season and year after year without being damaged.


- Linen fibres are not treated very much because linen does not tolerate treatment. This is one of the reasons why linen looks crumpled.


- Linen requires no irrigation other than natural rainwater irrigation.


- Linen is a real carbon pump. It fixes CO2 in the soil thanks to its roots. This makes it a carbon sink (on average, one hectare of linen retains 3.7 tonnes of CO2 per year).


-Linen grows locally. France is the world's biggest linen producer, and 85% of the world's linen is grown in Europe.


- Everything about linen is good: 100% bio-sourced, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% eco-friendly.  Today, we know how to use every part of it in every field (textiles, medicine, industry, food, etc....). Processing methods have evolved: they respect the environment and produce no waste.


Embroidery is our trademark, the DNA of 'Folie du Lin'.

Each embroidery design is created by the designer herself. A blend of restored ancient techniques (from the regions of Ukraine) and innovative techniques to create completely exclusive and sophisticated embroidery.

Each embroidery tells a unique story, handmade in mini editions.


"The détails make perfection, and the perfection is not a detail"
Leonardo da Vinci


We pay great attention to the choice of decoration, selecting the most ecological and sophisticated solutions. All our suppliers are small local craftsmen who are unique in their fields.


Threads for embroidery

Embroidery is the DNA of our brand. Our threads are always made from natural materials (linen, silk, cotton, wool) that are ideally suited to a demanding and precise embroidery technique.


Sequins are one of the nuances of the embroiderer's palette. Sometimes they are used to emphasise a particular aspect of colour or give volume to the embroidery. Sequins are made from recycled glass.



Our buttons are created from the dead branches of cedar, birch and other trees specially chosen for their unique colours and designs. They are pre-dried, polished and lacquered, so there's no need to worry about washing them.



We have two collections: PUR LINEN and ETHNO CHIC

Always made from premium organic linen (100% linen), Oeko-Tex 100 certified, stonewashed for non-embroidered pieces. These two timeless collections are not dependent on the seasons or changes in fashion.

Created in France and manufactured in Ukraine, the country of origin of its creator, in a small craft workshop.


PUR LIN is a limited edition collection in which we use only high-quality stone-washed organic linen. We manufacture our pieces according to the measurement grid. The pieces are made in advance by hand by a team of five people. Some are embroidered by hand, tha’t why they are completely unique. When we run out of stock, we decide whether to keep the model for the next season.


ETHNO CHIC is a collection that is always made from organic linen (unwashed because the embroidery is too important). The embroidery is all machine-made (do not forget there's always a human behind the machine to direct the work). This collection is made exclusively to your measurements, to meet the most demanding requirements, and to adapt as closely as possible to your morphology.  It can take from two weeks to a month to create a dress.




Our main material - linen - easily lends itself to a second, or even third, life. Recycling linen is the same as recycling any other organic material.