Despite the growing number of requests (for which we are extremely grateful), we are keen to remain a small but efficient team, in order to preserve the harmony of our workshop and the philosophy of our brand, created by women. In this way, we can keep control of our production and preserve the soul of FOLIE DU LIN.


Miroslava, the main tailor

She has a vision of Creation from pattern to each fold of the worn garment. The technical solutions for each 'Folie' of Alina is also Miroslava.


our fairy embroiderer 

Embroidery is her vision of the artistic world. She transmits with taste and elegance the creations imagined by our designer. From pencil and watercolour to thread and fabric...

Anna, graphic desiegner

Anna has the gift of visualization between symbolic imagination and graphic presentation.


fonder, creative director 


"We are not creating clothes, we are creaeting art which you can wear every day."


client service director 

Galina is the conductor of our sales orchestra.

She manages the stock, the production and, above all, the choice of our exclusive distributors who are faithful to our philosophy.


seamstress, spécialist in linen

Her personal intolerance of all synthetic things  led her to her burning passion for real linen. She is our linen quality controller. Her sharp eye ensures perfection in her work. She's our Michelangelo, swapping marble for linen for the wildest creations.


embroiderer, specialising in old and new techniques

Reconstruction and use of forgotten embroidery techniques from the Ukrainian regions. Jeanna sees embroidery as an artistic testimony to historical truths.


is a second seamstress

She is the one who masters the cut, and the assembly and makes the finishes unique. Sewing is her lifelong passion.