PUR LIN is a collection designed and created to enhance feminine sensuality, for the woman who loves the feel of damp morning grass on her bare feet, who loves to feel the strength of the earth, who resonates throughout her being with the forces of nature, the song of little birds waking her at dawn, the sun, the colours of autumn, the feel of raindrops on her skin... It's a natural, chic, bohemian, timeless collection that will stand the test of time without taking on a wrinkle.

Nature is in everything, we are the Nature.

PUR LIN is a limited edition collection in which we use only high-quality, stone-washed 100% organic linen. Linen in all its purity and simplicity. Some of our creations are embellished with handmade embroidery, making them completely unique.

We design our pieces according to our measurement grid. They are all made by hand by a team of five people. When our stock runs out, we decide whether to keep the model for the next season. Each collection is a limited edition, in line with the production capacity of our workshop. So we quite rarely have unsold models. We often see that demand exceeds our supply. It's a choice we've made from the outset, according to our brand philosophy.
FOLIE DU LIN is about zero waste and no wastage.